Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

Friday, February 11, 2005

Fuel cell and Hydrogen

Fuel Cell Information Index

  1. What is a fuel cell?
  2. How does a fuel cell work?
  3. History of the Fuel Cell
  4. Benefits of Fuel Cells
  5. Fuel Cells: Technology to Transform Everyday Life
  6. Fuel Cells: A Technology Coming of Age
  7. An Introduction to Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology by Brian Cook

Hydrogen Information Index

  1. Generating Hydrogen
  2. Hydrogen Storage
  3. Hydrogen Safety

Fuel Cell FAQ's

How does a Fuel Cell Generate Electricity?

What are the Benefits of Fuel Cells?

What fuels do fuel cells use to produce electricity?

What are the Different Types of Fuel Cells?

What is the history of fuel cells?

Why aren't fuel cells everywhere?

Is Hydrogen Safe?

Once transformed into a hydrogen-powered society, will the combined amount of water vapor from fuel cells cause environmental or climate problems?

Does the United States Government Support Fuel Cell Development?

What are the Benefits of the Federal Government Supporting Fuel Cell Development?

What are the Major Components for a Residential Fuel Cell System?

If I install a residential fuel cell, what kind of reduction in my utility bill can I anticipate?

What if my residential unit has excess electricity? Can I sell it to the utility?

I already have a renewable energy source for my house, why would I want a fuel cell?

Automotive Batteries vs. Fuel Cells for Transportation

I have heard that hydrogen burns cleanly, why not replace fossil fuels with hydrogen gas?

What is the amount of hydrogen that is equivalent to a gallon of gasoline?